Miller-Davis offers Building Information Modeling (BIM), which adds value throughout the entire life cycle of a construction project and beyond (facility maintenance and management). BIM assists with the development of conceptual estimates and the simulation of the construction and operation of your project. We listen to your requirements, ask pertinent questions and deliver meaningful information. With state-of-the-art technology, this in-depth process helps to minimize costs, avoid change orders and allows the team to make informed decisions from a project’s inception through its occupancy.

In addition to fostering a team atmosphere in making decisions, BIM provides our owners with the opportunity to have real-time collaborative sessions to evaluate project options. This collaborative approach has become an integral part of our building process.


Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM)



With virtual walkthroughs, we provide our owners with visuals of their completed facility long before construction is completed. This allows them to conceive what their project will look like and make informed design decisions to ensure the end product meets their needs.


Cost Estimating

Miller-Davis maintains control over a project’s budget and cost through virtual construction. By linking project cost to the model, our owners can make informed decisions when evaluating materials selections, knowing simultaneously how each change will affect the project’s overall cost.


Field Coordination

BIM assists our project team in streamlining construction operations in the field. The virtual model helps Miller-Davis coordinate construction documents and activities. It also allows us to identify sequencing and access issues and better manage project quality, the pace of work, and jobsite safety.


Facilities Management

The virtual model is not only useful during construction, but for the entire life cycle of the facility. We can integrate relevant building data and documents into the model. This provides you with a detailed guide of your facility. Owners feel empowered to make informed decisions regarding operations and maintenance, energy management, and construction and renovation programs for the facility.

Miller-Davis’ in-house virtual construction team provides support on all of our projects. Our extensive construction expertise, coupled with our internal virtual modeling, makes Miller-Davis a trusted partner for your project.