At Miller-Davis, safety and construction are always integrated. We require everyone involved in our projects to aid in the improvement of all aspects of safety and accident prevention. We are proactively committed to providing a safe workplace for our clients, tradespeople, the public, and all other project participants.

While everyone at Miller-Davis is actively committed to safety, our dedicated Safety Manager works extensively with project superintendents to provide overall management and implementation of the Miller-Davis Safety Program. Our program has allowed us to achieve an excellent EMR rating from our insurance carrier.

Jobsite safety is a top priority on every Miller-Davis jobsite and we take great pride in the outstanding safety record we have achieved. Miller-Davis, combined with our labor force, has surpassed ten years and over 1 million man-hours without a lost-time incident.

Due to our commitment to safety, Miller-Davis has received the AGC of Michigan — Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award for the past 16 years and we’ve received the AGC of America — National AGC Safety Award for the past 15 years.