Miller-Davis Company was founded as a general contractor over 110 years ago. Today, we continue to provide construction services through the general contracting delivery method. With this delivery method, the owner/client typically engages an architect to complete the design and then hires Miller-Davis to complete the construction.

The general contracting (GC) delivery method frequently follows the three successive steps of design, bid, and build, but we offer many variations on this basic approach to meet your specific needs. We will meet with you, learn about your project needs and wants, and then develop a plan to best suit those needs to achieve a successful outcome.

A benefit to the GC delivery method is that Miller-Davis has a long history of self-performing services. In addition to regularly self-performing selective demolition, concrete, steel, carpentry, and architectural trades work for new and existing facilities, we also self-perform maintenance contracts. As a self-performing contractor, our team has a deep knowledge and understanding of how things are constructed.