Addition and Renovation

Zion Lutheran Church, a $3.5 million addition and renovations project was completed January 2009. Construction included a 9,240 square foot addition that serves as the multipurpose room for the growing congregation, infrastructure upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems and renovations to the sanctuary, lobby and corridor as well as a new parking lot. Intricate improvements and repairs were also made to the stained glass window in the sanctuary.

The church did not relocate services, which include worship, administrative, preschool and other charitable activities. Therefore, it was imperative that the daily operation of the church continue throughout construction. This required careful planning to keep the project on schedule.

Due to the extensive daily use of the facility it was necessary that the construction team remain flexible and adapt to the continuously changing needs of the Owner. A comprehensive phasing plan was developed by the Miller-Davis team in collaboration with the Owner, Architect and Subcontractors that accommodated church operations as well as construction.

Location:Kalamazoo, MI
Categories:Nonprofit, Faith-Based
Zion Lutheran Church
Zion Lutheran Church