Stetson Chapel Renovations

Miller-Davis served as construction manager for renovations to Kalamazoo College’s Stetson Chapel. The extensive renovations worked to restore and protect the building. The building was originally constructed by Miller-Davis Company in 1931 and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

The recent renovation project focused on the exterior of the bell tower. The building was sealed, all windows were replaced and the brick was repointed. Additionally, the project included repairing the plaster and repainting the interior of the chapel.

Stetson Chapel, noticeable from many viewpoints in Kalamazoo, is an integral part of campus and the Kalamazoo community. The Chapel has hosted many famous people, including J. Edgar Hoover, Ralph Abernathy and Aleksandr Kerensky. Stetson Chapel’s restoration allows it to continue being used for community events, weddings and concerts for years to come.

Location:Kalamazoo, MI
Our Role:Construction Manager
Categories:Higher Education
Kalamazoo College Stetson Chapel
Kalamazoo College Stetson Chapel
Kalamazoo College Stetson Chapel